*Cupcakes available on order for all locations | *BC = Butter Cream

6″ Cakes

$16 Rainbow sprinkle (van/van BC) $16 $16

8″ Cakes

Chocolate Oreo Straw. Shortcake Chocolate straw. Shortcake Cannoli Tiramisu Chocolate mousse Chocolate fudge

Cake Pops

6“ Kit-Kat Cake

Cheesecake (Other) (Whole)

Cheesecake (PL) (Whole)

Pound Cake (Whole)

Apple Blueberry Peach Cherry Apple Crumb Blueberry Crumb

8″ Pie (Whole)

Cupcakes (Special Flavors/Deco) (BC)

(Red velvet, cappuccino, cookies and cream, toffee crunch and much more!)